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Ups and no Downs in my poor ol' neighborhood

Tuesday, April 05, 2005
My homepage literally begged me to read this article: Top housing markets, and so since I'm always nice to beggars, I did.
According to this article, the house prices in the metropolitan area I live in (Washington DC) shot up 26.9%. No wonder my mom's not buying a house right now. And although the median price for DC is $370,000, all the houses around Potomac (my area) shot up from $750,000-ish for a house to one goddamn million. I'm telling my mom tonight, "hey you know what? Maybe we should move out of this rich ass neighborhood." It's a seller's market. And DC ranks 9th for median price and 6th for percent change. I'm so moving out. And if she doesn't wanna move out, then maybe she should consider increasing my allowance by 26.8% too. Because my allowance is $70/month, and I certainly wouldn't mind getting a couple more dollars each month. God knows I deserve it.

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Sam or Jordan, what's the difference? They're both hot.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Some girl in my math class insisted on hanging out with me because Jordan (he's the rich, gorgeous guy) and Sam and I were going to a mall. I didn't see any logic in her insistence but I figured she wouldn't see any either when she saw Sam. We all know he's so hot. Fuck it. I love him.

Apparently Sam knows her. Oh well, who cares?

Back to Jordan: He asked me out. Right in front of what's-her-name (Darci, Marci, Crazy, I dunno) and she wasn't very happy about that. Duh. She's not very smart. I, of course, being such a nice bitch, replied, "Oh how sweet. But I'll have to take a raincheck on that offer. Maybe some other time." But he and I are still friends. People like Jordan are used to asking girls out. But not used to getting rejected. Aw, now I feel bad for him. But he takes me for granted and I'm not going to go out with a guy - no matter how hot - just because he thinks I have a hot body. Yea, yea, I'm a braggart. But I never claimed to be in denial.

Also, today, at the mall, I went up to a male cashier who is in his late teens, tall, skinny, red hair and pale face, looked boring, because he was gawking at me and Marci/Darci/Crazy and I purred, "hey, am I not the hottest chick you've ever met?" I think he was embarassed because his face turned red enough to match his hair. But he did whisper a "yes."

Sam, who was shopping for presents for his latest girlfriend's birthday snaked an arm around my shoulders and shut my mouth with his hand. He told the cashier that I'm just a "troublemaker" My reaction: "Since when? Last time I checked, I was the most innocent baby to grace this earth." Sam snickered and retorted sarcastically, "And I've a pussy too." Apparently Jordan found that hilarious and then Sam and Jordan began making crude jokes. This went on for a couple of minutes and I stormed out.
Thought for the day: Why is that I socialize with all these rich hot guys and yet all they're is friends with me? How come I never feel anything for any of them?

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Roommated continued...

Sunday, February 27, 2005
So most likely my friend Tasha and I will share a dorm room at UMD. At first, her mom was against her living on campus because we live so close to it. But we're working on influencing her mom, so it's all going to be taken care of soon. I'm so excited.

Jordan's going to a private university outside the country. To Europe, I believe. In Britain... London, to be precise. But then his parents are rich as hell and this is a meager expense for them. That's great for him.

I'm just glad that I got into UMD which has one of the top 20 business schools in the country. Luck really seems to be going my way. Looks like the turtle has really blessed me. Lol, just kidding.

Click here to read more about the turtle story.

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Campus Tour of UMD

Saturday, February 26, 2005
I visited UMD at College Park. I think I'm in love with the campus. I liked it a lot. Especially the turtle (the one that weighs one ton) near the main library that's supposed to bring luck your way if you rub its nose (which I did). The whole luck theory is yet to be tested, though. But I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Maybe I'll win a couple of scholarship or something b/c the turtle liked me a lot. Some people had left offerings there (which cracked me up) in form of candy,etc. The tour guide told us that during exam times, you can see dollar bills, candles, and so many other things left for the turtle... I thought that was hilarious. Besides the whole "fear the turtle" stuff, it was a really good tour and tour guide was really awesome. I could see that he was in love w/ the school and he convinced me completely. So I think I've decided for sure that I'm going there. Even though Towson has dorm rooms twice as big and a school size twice as small.

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Can I divorce the capital city?

Thursday, February 24, 2005
I don't like living in long-settled, posh neighborhoods anymore. They become so predictable. People's incomes are predictable, parents' jobs become predictable, where people shop becomes predictable, everybody's hangouts... and me, even I'm becoming predictable and that's definitely not how my life is supposed to be. I like being unpredictable, I like being scandalous and outrageous. Worst of all, I'm losing all of my spontaneity.

This is why I want to move to Baltimore. Now, I know my parents are not going to let me do that considering that I turned 17 in december. But for the time being, I'll pretend I'm a super rich brat whose parents don't care about what she does.

So, continuing my pretense: I'm tired of living in the richy-rich suburbs of Washington, D.C. Potomac's become so predictable, Bethesda's become predictable and I can't take this anymore. I need change. I'm divorcing my beloved D.C. But I will be back someday...for remarriage.

PS: For the record, while everyone was out suffering in that horrible place called office, I was sitting at home, lounging in front of the TV because we had no school today. Snow day, you see. Although... the snow has yet to arrive. I'm glad the school system got fooled for once.

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School as I know it

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
We were in the career center of my school. Jordan was typing away, working on a last minute project due in twenty three minutes to be precise, while I was going out of the way to trouble everyone I could. Dana was with me, trying to save everyone from trouble (trouble meaning me). Dana is the cheerleader I dislike so much because she manages to get straight As without even thinking for a second. I, on the other hand, can only manage to pull straight Bs... even with thinking for a second.
Anyway, so what happened was that I began messing with Jordan's hair, pulling it, torturing him and basically playing with his hair. While doing this, this was the kind of conversation we were having:

Me: You know, Jordan is my favoritest person in the world.

Dana: How do you do implicit differentiation again? How could I forget? I mean, we just learned it last semester in calculus.

Me: The best part about Jordan is you can punch him hard and he wont do anything. He is so totally harmless. I love him. He is my favoritest person in the world! And he is hot too.
Jordan: If you punched me, I would punch you back.

Me: No you wouldnt. you are scared of me!

Jordan: Scared? Of you? Yea right. I am not scared of you. Why the fuck would I be scared of you?

Me: What do you mean you are not scared of me? Of course you are scared of me.

Jordan stood up- all six feet three inches of him - and turns around, looks down at my tiny five feet and four inches self with the two and half inch heels (thank god for heels).

Me: Are you trying to intimidate me?

Jordan snickered and replied: I'm trying to intimidate you? I thought you said I was the one who was scared of you.

All flustered by now, I gave up and turned to Dana hoping she would rescue me from this situation but she was still lost in that damn calculus problem.

Dana: Oh my god! Now, I remember! You take the natural log of both side. Yak yak yak. yak yak yak.

God, now I really hate girls like Dana, although I'm very much one like that too. The only advantage of being girl (besides being able to shop till I die) is that you can kiss as many hot guys as you want and they've absolutely no excuse to not kiss you back if you are hot too. You certainly can't kiss as many guys as I can if you're a guy. Unless you are super hot and every guy you meet ( both gay and straight) falls for you. I know a guy like that. He's so incredibly gorgeous. And everybody loves him. Me included. But that is another story altogether. I'll leave that for another day.

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Jordan slapped my butt and I ran into this article

Sunday, February 20, 2005
Today was a very innocent day if you dont count the casual slap on my butt that Jordan pretended he didn't do and he did it three times during the day. First time, he pretended he didn't do it. The second time, he had this friendly grin (since he's one of best friends), the third time he had a grin that said oh-im-so-hot-you-want-me-dont-you? Which I dont, although I've to admit, Jordan is one of the hottest fucking guys I've ever met. God, those blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and that body can make any female go crazy anyday. But not if he keeps slapping my butt as if its his property. I know he's rich as hell but that doesn't make me his property. God what's this obsession that guys have w/ my butt and my boobs? Mine's NOT like J.Lo's humungous butt. I would say mine's pretty normal.

Moving on...

This is the article that my homepage insisted I read:
The top 10 U.S. cities in which to find a rich, single woman (as if I care, but if you know where to find a rich young hot guy, do tell me!)

1. Washington D.C./Baltimore, Maryland region (did they have to pick the place where I live?) 2. New York City, New York (have relatives and a friend there)3. Boston, Massachusetts (relatives)4. Atlanta, Georgia (family friend there)5. Chicago, Illinois (relatives' relatives)6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (relatives there too)7. Detroit, Michigan (Wish I lived there! Then I could go to car shows all the time and meet rich guys!)8. Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina (Got an uncle there)9. Hartford, Connecticut (Where is that?)10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin (I didn't know anyone lived there)
Where's San Francisco? Where's Miami? Where are all the rich places that should show up on the list but haven't?

...Firstly, let me warn you! I'm not rich. Ok, now read on:

Gee, isn't is just my luck that I'm moving from D.C. (# 1) on the list to Baltimore (# 1 on the list too). Within the same freaking area. I hate this. Nobody has ever heard of Maryland, you know? But the problem is, we've too many rich-people-wannabes in Potomac. And the bigger problem is that real estate property values have literally doubled in the past three years in Montgomery County, MD, so people here have too much money these days. Just my luck isn't it, that I've been rent an apartment in the past four years.

...Why can't I live in some poor place where I feel like sympathizing with someone, not because shopping in Georgetown can get pretty boring at times, but because someone needs money and/or their family is messed up. I want to feel for someone. And don't tell me to do community service because I already did 315 hours of that for school. We only had to do about 60, but I was a little over-ambitious. Gee, pathetic me.
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One of my very close friends is also going to UMD at College Park so it is most likely that we'll room together. Yay! I got a roommate. My very first roommate.
I mean, when I went to my boarding school, we didn't have roommates then. So this is all a new experience for me. I'm really excited!

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