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Campus Tour of UMD

Saturday, February 26, 2005
I visited UMD at College Park. I think I'm in love with the campus. I liked it a lot. Especially the turtle (the one that weighs one ton) near the main library that's supposed to bring luck your way if you rub its nose (which I did). The whole luck theory is yet to be tested, though. But I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Maybe I'll win a couple of scholarship or something b/c the turtle liked me a lot. Some people had left offerings there (which cracked me up) in form of candy,etc. The tour guide told us that during exam times, you can see dollar bills, candles, and so many other things left for the turtle... I thought that was hilarious. Besides the whole "fear the turtle" stuff, it was a really good tour and tour guide was really awesome. I could see that he was in love w/ the school and he convinced me completely. So I think I've decided for sure that I'm going there. Even though Towson has dorm rooms twice as big and a school size twice as small.

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