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Can I divorce the capital city?

Thursday, February 24, 2005
I don't like living in long-settled, posh neighborhoods anymore. They become so predictable. People's incomes are predictable, parents' jobs become predictable, where people shop becomes predictable, everybody's hangouts... and me, even I'm becoming predictable and that's definitely not how my life is supposed to be. I like being unpredictable, I like being scandalous and outrageous. Worst of all, I'm losing all of my spontaneity.

This is why I want to move to Baltimore. Now, I know my parents are not going to let me do that considering that I turned 17 in december. But for the time being, I'll pretend I'm a super rich brat whose parents don't care about what she does.

So, continuing my pretense: I'm tired of living in the richy-rich suburbs of Washington, D.C. Potomac's become so predictable, Bethesda's become predictable and I can't take this anymore. I need change. I'm divorcing my beloved D.C. But I will be back someday...for remarriage.

PS: For the record, while everyone was out suffering in that horrible place called office, I was sitting at home, lounging in front of the TV because we had no school today. Snow day, you see. Although... the snow has yet to arrive. I'm glad the school system got fooled for once.

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  • Move to Calif. and practice Witchcraft. Not only will that shake up your world. It will open your eyes.

    By Blogger Maeve, at 10:22 PM  
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