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Jordan slapped my butt and I ran into this article

Sunday, February 20, 2005
Today was a very innocent day if you dont count the casual slap on my butt that Jordan pretended he didn't do and he did it three times during the day. First time, he pretended he didn't do it. The second time, he had this friendly grin (since he's one of best friends), the third time he had a grin that said oh-im-so-hot-you-want-me-dont-you? Which I dont, although I've to admit, Jordan is one of the hottest fucking guys I've ever met. God, those blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and that body can make any female go crazy anyday. But not if he keeps slapping my butt as if its his property. I know he's rich as hell but that doesn't make me his property. God what's this obsession that guys have w/ my butt and my boobs? Mine's NOT like J.Lo's humungous butt. I would say mine's pretty normal.

Moving on...

This is the article that my homepage insisted I read:
The top 10 U.S. cities in which to find a rich, single woman (as if I care, but if you know where to find a rich young hot guy, do tell me!)

1. Washington D.C./Baltimore, Maryland region (did they have to pick the place where I live?) 2. New York City, New York (have relatives and a friend there)3. Boston, Massachusetts (relatives)4. Atlanta, Georgia (family friend there)5. Chicago, Illinois (relatives' relatives)6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (relatives there too)7. Detroit, Michigan (Wish I lived there! Then I could go to car shows all the time and meet rich guys!)8. Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina (Got an uncle there)9. Hartford, Connecticut (Where is that?)10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin (I didn't know anyone lived there)
Where's San Francisco? Where's Miami? Where are all the rich places that should show up on the list but haven't?

...Firstly, let me warn you! I'm not rich. Ok, now read on:

Gee, isn't is just my luck that I'm moving from D.C. (# 1) on the list to Baltimore (# 1 on the list too). Within the same freaking area. I hate this. Nobody has ever heard of Maryland, you know? But the problem is, we've too many rich-people-wannabes in Potomac. And the bigger problem is that real estate property values have literally doubled in the past three years in Montgomery County, MD, so people here have too much money these days. Just my luck isn't it, that I've been rent an apartment in the past four years.

...Why can't I live in some poor place where I feel like sympathizing with someone, not because shopping in Georgetown can get pretty boring at times, but because someone needs money and/or their family is messed up. I want to feel for someone. And don't tell me to do community service because I already did 315 hours of that for school. We only had to do about 60, but I was a little over-ambitious. Gee, pathetic me.
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