By the way, although my nickname is Jet, I'm very much a chick.

My ass's main purpose in life is not to be eye candy, ok?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Gawd, I'm tired of men checking out my ass every five minutes. And the worst thing is that they pretend they're all nice and polite, and the minute I turn around, everyone's eyes are on my ass! Like today at my internship, I had bent down to pick up something, and Steve was like, "Mudd."I look at my backpack which has mudd written on it right? and I'm like, "are you talking about my backpack?"Steve: "No, your pants."Me: "uh"Steve: "It says mudd right on there." You know, right above my butt?Silence.Steve: "Nice pants, they fit you reeaally well." Then he proceeds to stare on at my ass as if I didn't exist or maybe he thought he was being so careful?!What's so special about my ass anyway? It's a just like everyone else's!!! Granted, it's much more toned than that of most people I've ever met, but!!! Still, I was very flattered, except I still haven't gotten George to notice it. The day that will happen ... will be my dream cum true. You pervert. Yea, I'm talking to you.And besides that everyone always finds an excuse to tell me I'm beautiful and I'm tired of hearing it! Someone tell me I'm really ugly!!! Please. Boost my ego!
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