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A Nerdy (but happy) moment

Saturday, February 19, 2005
I got into University of Maryland at College Park! Yes!!! No, I did not get into the honors program or Gemstones but I don't care because what matters is that I'm going to the best state university in my state. And what else matters is that I'll still be close to my beloved Washington, D.C.
I'm so shocked that I got in. I really didn't think I would considering that it's so competitive. I mean, over 22,000 people apply there each year and only 4,000 (approximately) get in. And I got in! Yes!!!
Hope there are a quite a few hot guys because I am planning on monopolizing all the super hot ones! ;-)) I really do have a one track mind, don't I? The only reason I'm going to UMCP and not to some other university, is... well, if they have so many students, then at least half of them have to be guys right? Meaning that they've lots more guys than a smaller university. Which means that the number of hot guys also has to be more than the number of hot guys in a smaller university! See, now that's what I call logical reasoning. What better reason to go to College Park besides the fact that I'm going to get to flirt even more than I do now? Well, they do have an excellent school, but that's besides the point.

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