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School as I know it

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
We were in the career center of my school. Jordan was typing away, working on a last minute project due in twenty three minutes to be precise, while I was going out of the way to trouble everyone I could. Dana was with me, trying to save everyone from trouble (trouble meaning me). Dana is the cheerleader I dislike so much because she manages to get straight As without even thinking for a second. I, on the other hand, can only manage to pull straight Bs... even with thinking for a second.
Anyway, so what happened was that I began messing with Jordan's hair, pulling it, torturing him and basically playing with his hair. While doing this, this was the kind of conversation we were having:

Me: You know, Jordan is my favoritest person in the world.

Dana: How do you do implicit differentiation again? How could I forget? I mean, we just learned it last semester in calculus.

Me: The best part about Jordan is you can punch him hard and he wont do anything. He is so totally harmless. I love him. He is my favoritest person in the world! And he is hot too.
Jordan: If you punched me, I would punch you back.

Me: No you wouldnt. you are scared of me!

Jordan: Scared? Of you? Yea right. I am not scared of you. Why the fuck would I be scared of you?

Me: What do you mean you are not scared of me? Of course you are scared of me.

Jordan stood up- all six feet three inches of him - and turns around, looks down at my tiny five feet and four inches self with the two and half inch heels (thank god for heels).

Me: Are you trying to intimidate me?

Jordan snickered and replied: I'm trying to intimidate you? I thought you said I was the one who was scared of you.

All flustered by now, I gave up and turned to Dana hoping she would rescue me from this situation but she was still lost in that damn calculus problem.

Dana: Oh my god! Now, I remember! You take the natural log of both side. Yak yak yak. yak yak yak.

God, now I really hate girls like Dana, although I'm very much one like that too. The only advantage of being girl (besides being able to shop till I die) is that you can kiss as many hot guys as you want and they've absolutely no excuse to not kiss you back if you are hot too. You certainly can't kiss as many guys as I can if you're a guy. Unless you are super hot and every guy you meet ( both gay and straight) falls for you. I know a guy like that. He's so incredibly gorgeous. And everybody loves him. Me included. But that is another story altogether. I'll leave that for another day.

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  • Hey there, Jet. Thanks for the link, the link, and the invite here. I like your blog. :)

    The problem with some of us women is that sometimes we turn on each other, like Dana just did. If I had a nickle...

    By Anonymous Nina, at 4:20 PM  
  • Hey Jet
    Girls turn on each other. i've even been in a catfight--well uh two--but when the world seems dark and there isn't a great guy to kiss and cuddle with, girls can be the greatest friends. Then again...
    Really cool blog; I will be back

    By Anonymous pia, at 4:55 PM  
  • I feel stupider for having read that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:42 PM  
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