By the way, although my nickname is Jet, I'm very much a chick.

Sam or Jordan, what's the difference? They're both hot.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Some girl in my math class insisted on hanging out with me because Jordan (he's the rich, gorgeous guy) and Sam and I were going to a mall. I didn't see any logic in her insistence but I figured she wouldn't see any either when she saw Sam. We all know he's so hot. Fuck it. I love him.

Apparently Sam knows her. Oh well, who cares?

Back to Jordan: He asked me out. Right in front of what's-her-name (Darci, Marci, Crazy, I dunno) and she wasn't very happy about that. Duh. She's not very smart. I, of course, being such a nice bitch, replied, "Oh how sweet. But I'll have to take a raincheck on that offer. Maybe some other time." But he and I are still friends. People like Jordan are used to asking girls out. But not used to getting rejected. Aw, now I feel bad for him. But he takes me for granted and I'm not going to go out with a guy - no matter how hot - just because he thinks I have a hot body. Yea, yea, I'm a braggart. But I never claimed to be in denial.

Also, today, at the mall, I went up to a male cashier who is in his late teens, tall, skinny, red hair and pale face, looked boring, because he was gawking at me and Marci/Darci/Crazy and I purred, "hey, am I not the hottest chick you've ever met?" I think he was embarassed because his face turned red enough to match his hair. But he did whisper a "yes."

Sam, who was shopping for presents for his latest girlfriend's birthday snaked an arm around my shoulders and shut my mouth with his hand. He told the cashier that I'm just a "troublemaker" My reaction: "Since when? Last time I checked, I was the most innocent baby to grace this earth." Sam snickered and retorted sarcastically, "And I've a pussy too." Apparently Jordan found that hilarious and then Sam and Jordan began making crude jokes. This went on for a couple of minutes and I stormed out.
Thought for the day: Why is that I socialize with all these rich hot guys and yet all they're is friends with me? How come I never feel anything for any of them?

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  • Jet...

    First off...thanks for stopping by Driving With Your Knees and for the big up's as well. Read your blog...you make me laugh! :)

    Such a free spirit. You'd fit in well here in Vegas.

    In the immortal words of Arnold, "I'll be back."

    By Blogger Sean, at 11:48 AM  
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