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Ups and no Downs in my poor ol' neighborhood

Tuesday, April 05, 2005
My homepage literally begged me to read this article: Top housing markets, and so since I'm always nice to beggars, I did.
According to this article, the house prices in the metropolitan area I live in (Washington DC) shot up 26.9%. No wonder my mom's not buying a house right now. And although the median price for DC is $370,000, all the houses around Potomac (my area) shot up from $750,000-ish for a house to one goddamn million. I'm telling my mom tonight, "hey you know what? Maybe we should move out of this rich ass neighborhood." It's a seller's market. And DC ranks 9th for median price and 6th for percent change. I'm so moving out. And if she doesn't wanna move out, then maybe she should consider increasing my allowance by 26.8% too. Because my allowance is $70/month, and I certainly wouldn't mind getting a couple more dollars each month. God knows I deserve it.

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